Lesson method

The way we work

Intake process: The first step is an intake appointment to find out what you need your English for. Is it for business, social or school?

In the intake we sit down and talk about how you want to achieve your goal. While we’re doing this, I will assess your level so that I can advise you on how many hours I think you will need and what the best way forward is.

Your level and the level of the course will be explained to you in the intake.

No previous education or experience is needed to attend lessons here. Lessons are for anyone who is interested.

Our aim in each course is to make sure that the student becomes confident in their use of English, reading, writing and speaking.

Lesson content

Lesson content depends on the student/group but generally most lessons include grammar, vocabulary building exercises, speaking, and listening. Homework usually includes reading with comprehension questions and/or writing.

A variety of materials and media are used in the lessons and for homework assignments, such as internet, radio, TV and books. There are no extra material costs, all material is included in the price.

There is also a library with a large choice of books for students to borrow.

Online lessons can be on a one – one basis or in a small group (max 5).
Lessons held here in Drunen can be on a one – one basis or with a maximum of 4.

Depending on the course there will be about 1-3 hours of homework per week.

Drunen English Services

We provide high quality education in a friendly and supportive environment at an affordable price.

Drunen English Services

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