Business students

Courses are planned according to the student’s individual needs, level, and type of business. There are huge differences between the various business sectors, for instance, consider the vocabulary used in the agricultural sector to that used in the financial sector.


Evening business group courses of individual (from different companies) students usually start twice a year, January and September, and are held on Monday or Tuesday evenings. For further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

We specialise in providing training courses which are tailored to your needs. Every course is crafted to cater for the unique requirement of each student and company.

These courses are offered either as in-company group training or on-site group or individual training.

Our flexible working method and direct contact channels ensure the smooth and efficient organisation of the intake appointments and lesson schedules.

The first step for all courses is an intake appointment. This essential first step allows us to understand your specific needs, goals, and ambitions. These intake sessions can be held on online platforms, in-company, or all future students are very welcome here in Drunen.

Understanding your objectives, your preferred way of learning and your stumbling blocks is key to forming your personal course.

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We provide high quality education in a friendly and supportive environment at an affordable price.

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